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Q. How does the booth get to our party?
A. We bring the booth to you – set it up and dismantle it after the event. Our operator attends to the booth and your guests for the duration of the hire.

Q. Do you supply the props?
A. Yes. We bring along a big box of hats, wigs, glasses and anything else we think will liven up the party.

Q. How does the booth work?
A. You push the red button to start the process, the camera takes a series of four photos, approx.. 4 seconds apart. Each time a picture is taken it is displayed onto the viewing screen, at the end of the process the four pictures are displayed on the screen. The prints are then printed and collected from the front of the booth.

Q. How big is the booth – is it mobile?
A. The booth requires a space of approx. 2m x1m alongside a wall and is very portable and only needs a limited time to set up.

Q. How long can I hire the booth for?
A. As long as you require – our packages supply the booth for three hours – we find this is long enough for an average event of up to 200 people, but you can order additional hours if needed.

Q. When do we get the photos?
A. Immediately – each time someone uses the booth they are printed within 10 seconds after the final picture is taken.

Q. Can I get more copies of the pictures?
A. You receive a USB pen drive of the pictures taken at the event will all our packages – extra disks can be purchased or prints are available after the event

Q. How many people can fit into the booth?
A. Comfortably,…6, but we the record stands at 15.

Q. Can we have the event information printed on the pictures?
A. Yes – we can place a message and/or a logo along the bottom of the print. This makes for a fabulous memento for a party or wedding, and a unique opportunity to get your marketing message across.

Q. Can we brand the booth with our company logo?
A. Certainly, we have the in-house facilities to design and print the skin of the booth with your images or theme, e.g., full branding starts at £400 but can be as little as £100.